“Email Marketing could be the most prompt, versatile and cost effective means of reaching your customers and driving sales.”

Collecting customer data such as email addresses, is one of the most vital pieces of the modern businesses marketing plan. Sending email campaigns to regular customers to deliver brand communications and drive sales is potentially the most cost-effective way of marketing directly to your customers.

Clever Facts:

  • Build a database of your customers to directly market your brand communications and offers to build sales and encourage brand loyalty.
  • Add in-store and online sign ups with great special offers and insights.
  • Reach and engage your customers instantly, with custom designed emails at the click of the button.
  • Get regular reports on who opened, clicked and made a purchase as a result of your email marketing investment*
  • For every $1 spent, $44.25 is the average return on email marketing investment^

^ Source: Experian *Requires Google Analytics

Email Set Up


The Think Tank

An initial consultation to get to know your business, establish your requirements and better understand your customers.


Strong Foundations

We present to you a range of strategies to start building, or grow an existing email database with in-store and online strategies for list growth and retention.


Communication Design

3 hours graphic design for in store or online brand communications aimed to encourage sign ups.


Database Set Up

We’ll set up your online email database so we can easily add existing and new customers and manage the delivery of your email campaigns.

Email Campaign


Beautiful Design

Custom Designed Email that represents your Brand and speaks volumes to your customers, whether it’s a generic brand communication or a call-to-action campaign to drive sales.


Clever Strategy

Using our deep understanding of email as a Marketing Channel, we develop big ideas and considered copy writing to increase open rates and conversions.


Cross Channel Connections

We’ll take into consideration other Marketing Channels such as your Website and Social Media Pages to build deeper engagement with your customers.


Detailed Reporting

Upon delivering your Email Campaign, Media Fox has the technology to deliver deep reporting on the real results of your campaign such as open rate, click rate, conversion rate and your return on investment.


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