Radio Advertising

Radio advertising gives advertisers the opportunity to reach potential customers during the day while purchasing decisions are being made. It can be dynamic, creative and engaging – and it can deliver great advertising returns.

Radio advertising is a powerful tool for advertisers, offering access to consumers during the day while they are making purchases. To maximise your radio campaign talk to the radio advertising experts in Gippsland, Media Fox.

We will work with you on your advertising brief and develop a creative radio campaign that will cut through and target your audience. Media Fox can book your Gippsland radio campaign on TRFM, GOLD 1242, Star FM, 3GG and more.

Clever Facts:

Radio is immediate. Over 78% of people that take action after hearing a radio ad, do so within 24 hours.

Radio is affordable. On average, people who were exposed to radio advertising and took action online, did so after hearing the ad just 3 times.

The average person spends 16 hours listening to commercial radio every week.



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