The Challenge

As rooftop solar panels have become more commonplace on Gippsland households, so has the need to ensure they are properly looked after. Responding to a clear market gap, SolarFix launched its solar panel cleaning and maintenance business in September 2015. Despite having no direct competition in the region, SolarFix wanted to be instantly seen as national leaders in their emerging industry. From day one, SolarFix wanted to ‘stand out’ from its competitors.

Fully Responsive Website

The pristine feel of the brand flows through to SolarFix’s new website, launched in September 2015. A threestep ordering portal features as a key plank of the website, underpinning SolarFix’s commitment to provide convenient customer service, facilitating payments via Electronic Funds Transfer and credit card (online and over-the-phone). Responsive on all devices, the sleek website’s ease of navigation is replicated in all mobile settings, allowing the most mobile of customers to book in that vital service call.

The Result

MediaFox has developed a sleek customised type and logo combination, inspired by the shape of a solar cell, packing an immediate contemporary punch. Audiences are informed of SolarFix’s ‘Superior Clean + Fix’ through secondary language intertwined neatly into the main logo. A two-tone colour palette emulates the immaculate sheen of a well cared for solar panel, giving a sense of the calm, the clean and the pristine.