Latrobe City Council

The Challenge

Latrobe City Council came to us last year with a very specific problem – ‘contamination’ (rubbish items wrongly placed in recycling bins) had skyrocketed over an 18-month period. Traditional educational messages had lost their potency and council needed an outside-the-box solution.

The Result

Pulling out all stops, our team has produced a vibrant and engaging multi-platform campaign utilising the full breadth of Media Fox’s in-house creative skill sets. Over the summer we engineered and oversaw the rollout of a fridge calendar, website, online game, animation and TV commercial, bombarding Latrobe City residents on all creative fronts with consistent key messaging, encapsulated under the ‘Check before you Chuck’ tagline.

Fully Responsive Website

Here lays the campaign’s ultimate end-destination, via the campaign’s ‘visit the website’ calls-to-action. Simple, interactive, and most importantly – mobile responsive. To maximise education and interactivity, visitors are prompted to use the Search bar to ‘check’ where they should ‘chuck’ particular waste items. A full 1 minute 40 second version of the TVC animation can be viewed online in its entirety, so be sure to jump on the website and take a look.

Online Educational Gameplay

‘Reggie’s Recycling Challenge’ is an interactive online game that tests your recycling knowledge. Players must discard 20 items randomly assigned waste items correctly into recycling, rubbish or green waste bins. At the end of the game players are given a total score, which they can then share on Facebook and challenge their friends to beat.