Jillangolo Park

The Challenge

Small-scale West Gippsland beef stud Jillangolo Park prides itself in the humane treatment of its animals, producing premium quality beef packs delivered straight to the door of niche market customers.

Doing business through a Facebook page and email account, Jillangolo Park’s caring owners needed a website to professionalise their sales platform and bolster their growing word-of-mouth success among ethically-minded consumers.

Having relied on direct deposits and the transfer of personal details via phone or email, Jillangolo Park needed the website to function as a one-stop-shop checkout, payment and delivery portal, freeing up vital administration time for owners and customers alike.

'We immediately knew we
were in the right hands when
we met Stuart and Louis at
Media Fox, they understood
our passion and ethics and
worked with us to build a
website that we feel shows
who we are.'

Kate and Mark
- Jillangolo Park Grass Fed Beef Producers -

The Result

Media Fox has created a truly spacious and inviting website leveraging stunning photography from the Jillangolo Park farm, giving ethically minded target audiences the farm’s full animal husbandry experience. A warm, elegant graphic design palette softens intimately worded insights into Jillangolo’s all-important farming philosophies, while testimonials and an insightful FAQ contribute to a website every bit as passionate as its owners.

Equals parts beautiful, simple and effective, Jillangolo Park’s new website effortlessly positions its business as one of Victoria’s best practice producers of superior, ethically grown meats.

Online Shop

Frequent call-to-action buttons and links direct traffic to Jillangolo Park’s delicious Online Shop page, where visitors get tantalising visual tastes of available meal packs, before being directed through a simple online checkout.

Powered by PayPal, users can make a product deposit payment and enter their personal details in a simple, two page process, locking in their delicious meat pack home delivery on a pre-advertised date.