Gippsland Bulk Spreaders

The Challenge

Supplying fertiliser to West Gippsland farmers since 1962, Gippsland Bulk Spreaders has established deep ongoing relationships with customers bridging generations. With the wider agricultural sector adopting ever-innovative farming practices, Gippsland Bulk Spreaders entrusted Media Fox to repositioning the brand for the new farming generation, while honouring more than five decades of existing service.

'We were blown away by their
designs. They weren’t just
empty designs they reflected
our business thoroughly'

Rod Aitken
- Gippsland Bulk Spreaders -

The Result

Gippsland Bulk Spreaders’ reinvigorated visual identity has been grounded in down-to-earth pattern work, inspired by Gippsland’s expansive pastures and rich soils. Combined with a hybrid symbol of a leaf/grain kernel and the tagline ‘Fertilise for the Future’, all elements unite to evoke ‘growth’ in every sense of the word – in pastures and crops, in a farmer’s operation and prosperity, and in the greater food supply.

The fresh down-to-earth visual branding has been woven through a fully mobile responsive website with prominent calls-to-action, streamlined navigation to products and services and engaging photography throughout.

“When it came to creating a strong brand and website for our business, we enlisted Mediafox’s expertise. Throughout the whole branding process, I was impressed by the time and care they took in understanding my business and our commitment to farmers and the land. We were blown away by their designs and the theory behind them. They weren’t just empty designs- they reflected our business thoroughly and our partnership with the farming community and their pastures. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Mediafox to anyone wanting to create a strong brand with meaning.”

Rod Aitken
- Gippsland Bulk Spreaders -