Everything starts with great copy

As a writer, there’s a little ritual I go through whenever I’m left buzzing by an effective piece of marketing.

Once the creative envy has dissipated, I reverse engineer through the imagined production process to a place where most terrific marketing ideas are born.

I imagine the creator the moment after inspiration strikes, when his/her fingers let fly on the keyboard, assembling key words and ideas to express the creative epiphany.

This is the copywriter in his or her most excited state, on the verge of articulating a client’s new advertising slogan, or the memorable punch line to a laugh-out-loud radio spot.

But this is only the beginning.

Unlike Mad Men’s Don Draper character – outsourcing production of his Scotch-fuelled concepts moments after inception – the modern day wordsmith meticulously crafts a client’s copy down to the very last letter.

And in an age of continuous media marketing diversification – when competition for an ever-dispersing audience has never been so fierce – every – word – counts.

From the release of your new restaurant menu to the nerve racking launch of your first multimedia campaign, well planned and engaging copy is the foundation on which the entire marketing process is built.

And it’s going the difference between your shopfront pamphlet finding its place on your next customer’s fridge door or in the quickly forgotten recesses of their recycling bin.

Behind every memorable TV ad brought in dinner table discussion is a meticulously crafted script, designed to personally engage, factually intrigue, or when appropriate, be playfully cheeky.

It is a copywriter’s subtle editing touch that transforms the most mundane of sentences in your product launch brochure into convincing, compelling prose.

Too often marketing copywriting is left to the last minute in the misplaced belief stellar production values alone can compel a momentarily captivated audience to make that all-important website visit or follow-up phone call.

But if those few seconds of visual bedazzlement are not underpinned by a well-crafted, concise and convincing message, audience attention moves on and a vital market traction opportunity is lost.

Experienced command of the written word not only articulates and guides that founding creative vision for your next product, service or campaign – it makes it effective as hell.

And it is a best practice media marketing team which unite words and vision seamlessly, consolidating your customer with an engaging and effective marketing whole so much more than the sum of its parts.