Have you considered Animation for your Marketing arsenal?

As a digital designer, there’s an undeniable buzz that comes with bringing skill sets from the cutting edge of multimedia trends to a marketing agency.

From game resource design to 3D motion graphics, we are trained to constantly evolve with innovations as they develop, to provide clients with an ever-increasing range of multimedia solutions.

Here at Media Fox, we’ve already had some forward thinking clients asking us to take the creative plunge into one of the foundations of digital design – animation.

And the results have been truly unique, but more on these shortly.

When a well-scripted and well-produced animation concept comes on your TV screen amid a plethora of live-action advertisements, audiences take note.

Animation engages viewers on an entirely other level to live action, inviting the human brain to proactively fill in the gaps between what’s being presented on-screen and the received message being processed in the mind.

We all know how fun and entertaining good animation can be, but as marketers, we are most concerned with how the message is communicated and how memorable it can be.

Employed in conjunction with the fundamentals of best practice marketing, animation becomes an extremely effective medium which completely redraws the marketing battle lines for small to medium businesses.

It gives you complete visual control over what’s on screen, where real world physical limitations no longer exist, allowing your advertising to introduce and leverage from a world of new characters, concepts, and endless creativity possibilities.

Media Fox brought all these elements together in Latrobe City’s current recycling campaign screening on local networks, designed especially to engage younger audiences:

Like all kids, I was utterly consumed by the power of animation. It is one of the most underrated mediums of our time.

It was through master classes with the creative team at global animation powerhouse Pixar honed my appreciation and grasp on visual storytelling fundamentals.

So it is truly exciting to be able to bring this skill set to Gippsland’s marketing landscape, where take-up of new digital design trends is only in its exciting infancy.


It must be said that digital design solutions are not suited for every business’ needs or branding. To suddenly introduce animation into an existing established brand can be jarring and damage existing brand strengths.

But there are numerous marketing situations when animation solutions are extremely well suited:

  • New businesses wanting to create strong point of difference in a competitive field
  • When an established business releases a new major product range of service
  • Complete brand identity makeovers
  • Informative ‘explainer’ videos for new products and services

The introduction of solar maintenance and servicing start-up SolarFix into Gippsland’s marketplace proved a perfect opportunity to employ the animated ‘explainer’ video for its new service:

Animation done right can be powerful capital for your new brand or service, and a powerful vehicle to communicate your message in a cluttered and competitive marketplace.

So with evolving digital design skills at your marketing fingertips, maybe now is the perfect opportunity for your start-up or service to embrace the creative possibilities afforded by digital design.