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Bringing great creative minds together in the one studio space to create magic for your brand.

Stuart Robertson

Founder and Managing Director

Stuart Robertson is a creative thinker with nearly 10 years of experience in Marketing and Advertising. After completing a diploma of marketing and advertising, Stuart continued his studies at Victoria University before accepting a position with Southern Cross Austereo where he worked in marketing and advertising for 6 years, before founding Media Fox in 2012.

I found my love for advertising and marketing after completing media studies in high school. I have a real passion for creative thinking and marketing strategy that continues to grow every day. I founded Media Fox hoping to bring together a team of talented people with varying skills that could help transform the marketing for small and medium sized businesses. Today, Media Fox is Gippsland’s only Integrated Advertising Agency and Digital Design Studio, helping SME’s with everything from advertising and marketing strategy, to brand identity and web design.

Louis Nelson

Content & Creative Director

Louis Nelson is a dynamic communicator driven by his love for the written word. Having completed a Bachelor of Journalism at Monash University (Caulfield) with minors in public relations and communications, Louis joins us fresh from a 4-year tenure as a senior journalist at the Latrobe Valley Express.

As a journalist and communicator writing to tens of thousands of people every week, I have developed a deep respect for the written word. In an age when it seems everyone has something to say, and an online platform from which to say it, the ability to cut through the noise with clear and concise copy – underpinned by a well-crafted message – is as relevant as ever. By joining Media Fox’s creative team, I have entered a wordsmith’s playground, where only the sky dictates the limit. Can you tell I’m excited?

Matt Pang

Front End Web Developer

Matt Pang is set to single-handedly rewrite web development standards in Gippsland, bringing four years of real world coding experience to his role. Since completing his Bachelor of Website Development at Swinburne University, Matt has developed well-rounded knowledge and versatility in back and front end coding. Matt constantly keeps abreast to the latest coding languages, ever evolving web development standards and client expectations, taking great pride in his ability to deliver clean custom coding and streamlined functionality.

There’s few things more satisfying than poring over a website’s every foundational corner to ensure it performs at its absolute best. This job gives me the ability to put the time and effort into each project to provide the client with an amazing, functional website defined by seamless user experience.

Maria Antony

Graphic Designer

Maria Antony is an up-and-coming natural talent in graphic design, with a Bachelor of Design in Visual Communication from Monash University.

I always try to draw from everyday life and turn it into something people can relate to in my design concepts. The skill in great design is honing this approach to client needs, making a brand or design that is not only attractive, but relevant, to target audiences. You can always see how my work is influenced, whether it’s from my love of music, dancing, or architecture. The story of creation behind each building in historical architecture fascinates me. I like to know how, and especially why, a building exists the way it does.


Phoenix Trinidad

Digital Designer

Phoenix Trinidad is an emerging force in digital design, completing his Bachelor of Digital Media Design at Swinburne University, bringing exciting creative capabilities to MediaFox’s arsenal.

Advertising firms and clients alike are increasingly discovering video and animation as one of the most effective ways to communicate online. The online and social media space has taught us this. The impact and popularity of visual communication – from video graphics, 2D and 3D animations and web design – is proving to be a game changer. And I love the fact that there is no endgame in what can and can’t be done. Video is all encompassing, and exploring the possibilities is incredibility exciting.

Rochelle Quigley

Graphic Designer

Rochelle Quigley brings invigorating levels of creative passion to Media Fox’s growing design team. A born and bred local, this self-confessed perfectionist has hit the ground running since completing her Bachelor of Graphic Design with Honours at Latrobe University in Bendigo.

It’s my job to find the perfect balance between beauty and functionality in every design, because aesthetics without function simply will not work. To see a design come full circle, from original drafts to the final client approval – is the most satisfying part of being a graphic designer, and what keeps me coming back for more.

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