Our Existence

Media Fox exists to help your business stand out like a fox in a chook pen.

Media Fox was born in 2012 with a vision to become the leading advertising, marketing and design studio in Gippsland and Melbourne’s South East. The vision was to bring together a team of talented and dedicated people with varying skills that together, could help transform the marketing for small and medium sized businesses. Today Media Fox has a small and passionate team of marketers, designers and developers that have achieved outstanding results for a diverse range of clients across advertising, logo and brand identity design, digital and online marketing and web design and development. At Media Fox, we’re committed to help SME’s achieve real results from their marketing. So get in touch today, and ‘welcome to your marketing department’.

Meet the team

Stuart Robertson - Founder & Managing Director

Stuart Robertson is a creative thinker with nearly 10 years of experience in Marketing and Advertising. After completing a diploma of marketing and advertising, Stuart continued his studies at Victoria University before accepting a position with Southern Cross Austereo where he worked in marketing and advertising for 6 years, before founding Media Fox in 2012.

I found my love for advertising and marketing after completing media studies in high school. I have a real passion for creative thinking and marketing strategy that continues to grow every day. I founded Media Fox hoping to bring together a team of talented people with varying skills that could help transform the marketing for small and medium sized businesses. Today, Media Fox is Gippsland’s only Integrated Advertising Agency and Digital Design Studio, helping SME’s with everything from advertising and marketing strategy, to brand identity and web design.

Phoenix Trinidad - Video Content Director

Phoenix Trinidad is an emerging force in digital design, completing his Bachelor of Digital Media Design at Swinburne University, bringing exciting creative capabilities to MediaFox’s arsenal.

Advertising firms and clients alike are increasingly discovering video and animation as one of the most effective ways to communicate online. The online and social media space has taught us this. The impact and popularity of visual communication – from video graphics, 2D and 3D animations and web design – is proving to be a game changer. And I love the fact that there is no endgame in what can and can’t be done. Video is all encompassing, and exploring the possibilities is incredibility exciting.

Maria Antony - Graphic Designer

Maria Antony is an up-and-coming natural talent in graphic design, with a Bachelor of Design in Visual Communication from Monash University.

I always try to draw from everyday life and turn it into something people can relate to in my design concepts. The skill in great design is honing this approach to client needs, making a brand or design that is not only attractive, but relevant, to target audiences. You can always see how my work is influenced, whether it’s from my love of music, dancing, or architecture. The story of creation behind each building in historical architecture fascinates me. I like to know how, and especially why, a building exists the way it does.

Matt Pang - Web Developer

Matt Pang is set to single-handedly rewrite web development standards in Gippsland, bringing four years of real world coding experience to his role. Since completing his Bachelor of Website Development at Swinburne University, Matt has developed well-rounded knowledge and versatility in back and front end coding. Matt constantly keeps abreast to the latest coding languages, ever evolving web development standards and client expectations, taking great pride in his ability to deliver clean custom coding and streamlined functionality.

There’s few things more satisfying than poring over a website’s every foundational corner to ensure it performs at its absolute best. This job gives me the ability to put the time and effort into each project to provide the client with an amazing, functional website defined by seamless user experience.

Deanndra John - Graphic Designer

Deanndra John is a dynamic designer with stacks of natural talent. Since graduating with an Advanced Diploma in Graphic Design from Victoria University in Melbourne, she has built her expertise through work as an in-house designer as well as freelancing. Deanndra has a mind geared towards problem solving using her natural creative flair:

“I love problem solving and design is a cool way to problem solve using my creativity. I love when someone comes in with an idea, trying to get those ideas out of their own head- that is a challenge. Every single project you come across is a challenge, and overcoming that is the greatest feeling. I’m always determined to find the best solution for people. I love sharing my creative energy to help people and get them excited about what they do.”

Jacqui Norman - Graphic Designer

Jacqui Norman lives for design, she completed a Bachelor of Communication Design at RMIT University in Melbourne and then went on to explore Europe the following year. Jacqui brings extensive design experience honed at boutique design studios and through freelancing. An innovative creator, Jacqui breathes life into other people’s visions:

‘I’ve always known I wanted to be a designer. I’ve always had that passion for creating while also solving problems. I love the fact that you can bring someone’s idea to life; that you can get into someone’s head and create designs for them that they couldn’t make happen themselves. I also love that challenge of creating branding that client’s cant actually visualise – and then when they see it, they’re like, ‘that’s exactly what I wanted!’ It’s a really nice feeling.’

Sophie Nussbaumer - Content Director

Sophie Nussbaumer is a storyteller. Graduating from the University of Canterbury in New Zealand with a Master of Arts in Media and Communication, she is passionate about words and writing:

Writing is part of my identity. Some people express themselves through art, music, or dance- I do it with words. It’s what I love to do, and I’m lucky enough to do it for a living. I’m excited to use my creativity and love for words to grow our clients’ businesses in a big way.

How we work

Our purpose is to grow business,
and we have a mandate to do it transparently.

Obligation Free Think Tank

If we both feel we’re a match to work together after an initial chat, we’ll meet with you to conduct an obligation free Think Tank.

This is where we learn about your business and your objectives so we can provide you with an accurate project scope and estimate. Most of the information we need in the Think Tank will all be in your head and you generally won’t need much preparation.

We discuss things like your product/service, target market, purpose and promise, opportunities, competition and of course the overall objectives of your project.

Project Scope and Estimate

Based on the information we gather from your obligation free Think Tank, we provide you with a detailed project scope, a list of deliverables and an overall estimate.

We don’t do set ‘packages’ because there should never be a one-size fits all solution in marketing, and every business and project is different.

We also don’t do fixed quotes for anything that is creative in nature as projects are estimated based on time, however the final invoice almost always comes within 10% of our estimates.

Delivering Your Project

To begin your project, you’ll contribute a 50% deposit based on the initial estimate and we begin work. At this point you’re aware of the project in detail including timelines, tasks and deliverables and we’ve already discussed at which points of the project you’ll be involved.

Everything we do is open and transparent, you’ll be involved in the whole process and our staff even time everything they do on your project to ensure billing is transparent too.

We’ve built a reputation we’re proud of but don’t take our word for it, check out some of our clients and their testimonials here.